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  Portfolio :: Vancouver Shipyards Co. Ltd.

Project Examples

  Vancouver Shipyards Co. Ltd., North Vancouver, BC

Attessa III
Attessa III profile – 205 ft long motor yacht owned by Mr. Dennis Washington, the owner of Vancouver Shipyards Co. Ltd.
Attessa III Attessa III
Attessa III – During refit at facilities of Vancouver Shipyards Co. Ltd. in North Vancouver, BC, Canada
Attessa III – verification of new hatches design

Model of horizontal and vertical hatches in closed position

Vertical hatch in tilted position

Vertical hatch in upper position

Horizontal hatch opens

Horizontal hatch half way open

Horizontal and vertical hatches fully open
Middle Class Ferry Proposal for BC Ferries

Side view of proposed Middle Class Ferry

Bilge and Fire Schematic

Machinery SW Cooling Water Schematic

Potable Water System Diagram

Non-Potable Water System Diagram

Sprinkler System Schematic

Fuel Oil Schematic
Also: Cooling Water Schematic, Black & Grey Water Schematic, Waste Oil System Schematic, Compressed Air Schematic

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